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    Ost Neer
    In particular, I'm working on my book in geopolitics. Need to accept final proofs and make an index by 20 Dec. This takes much time and energy.
    good luck bro. I’ll working Nights on Friday and sat. I’ll be in chat. Just shoot me a message
    nooooo, don't shoot him a message.
    'morning folks!
    joined the tribe !
    if i'll remember, when i'll have lunch i'll do a photo to my car's keys
    Thanks, that would be great to see! Curious how this will pan out. Hope many people give it a go
    eheh yes! is a nice "test"
    would u give me 10 seconds to vote at my questionary? It's about find a name for a new tool's brand
    Done, Pro Torque, makes me think powerful tool that can handle some serious work.
    thank you !
    No worries.
    Hey guys
    hi! how r u?
    Ost Neer
    Thank you. I'll do my best droppin into the chat regularly
    Yesterday there was a gas explosion in Austria... cars melted
    Haven't seen anything like that
    anyone involved in the incident?
    This was the explosion from the distance. It was a technical error.
    i'm happy that if i'll do a "technical error" nothing explode ahah
    :) true
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