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BMW Z4 (2003)

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Owned since 2020

My 2.5L Z4 daily driver! Modifications: RamAir Cold Air Intake Debadged Maxton Design front splitter install Tail light lightly tinted Short Aerial install

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  • Is it manual? By the way, I was discussing 1st Generation Z4 coupe with my wife. She said, and I tend to agree with this, Z4 coupe has a slight resemblance the legendary 1930's 328. Like the one below.

      9 months ago
    • Absolutely, I'm from the UK so would never dream of owning an auto. The auto e85s are slightly slower because the gearbox wasn't as advanced as it is now. Yeah I agree. The coupes look amazing, even better in person. They also hold their value...

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        9 months ago
    • I struggle to put "auto" and BMW in the same sentence, but unfortunately here, in Australia, most BMW's are autos. I also have funny story about one of mine beemers. Back in 2013 my wife's M135i was ordered with manual transmission, but when...

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        9 months ago