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Subaru Levorg (2015)

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The Subaru Levorg is something genuinely different from the norm, but that has both good and bad implications. On the one hand, it’s refreshingly simple, with one engine, one trim level and little in the way of confusing options. It’s also a solidly built, decently practical car that follows a long line of Subaru estates with similar qualities. 

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Comments (7)

  • I really wish they had this in the states...I love wrx wagons

      4 months ago
    • That's a shame, but can you import them?

        4 months ago
    • The car has to be 25 years or older if you want to import it

        4 months ago
  • I quite like the styling of these, but you don’t see many about (i think the only ones I’ve actually seen are the BTCC ones)

      4 months ago
    • Thanks Sam, this spec is very rare i imported it from Japan it had one owner then its a very fun car. It really should be 4.5 stars as it has 2 issues. TPMS or tire preasure monitoring system is disappointing, the sensors cost too much and can...

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        4 months ago
    • Cool! TPMS sensors are a bit dodgy (the ABS system is far superior), I’m also not convinced by CVTs personally (it’s a shame you can’t get a manual)

        4 months ago