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Scuderia Filipinetti FIAT X1/9 (1973)

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Owned since 1983

Back in 1983 there was no Google and of course, no DRIVETRIBE. So when I was a young lad starting to pursue my dreams as a race car driver little did I imagine that my first race car was a very special car indeed. It turned out my Filipinetti X1/9 of Scuderia Filipinetti was presented first at the Geneva Motor Show on 15/3/1973 as THE FIRST FIAT X1/9 RACE CAR. It was built in cooperation with FIAT by Mike Parkes who later developed and built the Lancia Stratos. The Filipinetti had a 1290 cc engine with Lucas mechanical fuel injection, 160 hp at 8,600 rpm and a top speed of 210 kph.

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