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I love the spec, I just wish I got something more than the 2.0 diesel. Though the benefit of having a such a capable chassis and suspension Read More

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  • Well a 4 series is a great car to me no matter what!

      2 months ago
  • To touch on what you mentioned there, they really have nailed the gearbox mapping. I've driven the same ZF gearbox on other cars from other manufacturers and you can see how far ahead BMW are in that respect. My favourite thing about a BMW is how they have this black and white personality. On one hand you've got a comfortable motorway cruiser. Then on the other, when you come across a twisty B-road you've got a sports car which provides so much feedback and capability. I mean, I criticize my car for a lack of power (roughly 180bhp) but on country roads it's stuck to the heels of cars with twice the power. I think a big part of that in my case, is having a car that's dynamically very capable but has comparatively little power makes it very comfortable and easy to find the limit without being afraid that the car's about to throw you off that edge when you get there.

      2 months ago