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Chevrolet Chevelle (1974)

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Owned since 2010

This was my first car when I was 17. I always wanted a classic muscle car since I could remember. Watching car movies, and listening to the roar of the v8s. So I worked on a farm for a bit and had $2000 saved. A woman’s husband passed and she was selling his car. I offered $2000 and it was mine. I felt like the coolest kid in town. That is, until I wrapped it around a tree in October of 2010...

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Comments (4)

  • That's really cool! 💪 I'm hoping to get a classic as a first car as well, it's only a few more weeks...

      1 year ago
    • It will be cool to have but make sure you have the funds to keep it running. They can be finicky at times and might leave you stranded. What do you plan on getting?

        1 year ago
  • Sweet first car

      2 years ago