Ernesto Rosa De Armas's Garage (12)

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March IndyCar 87C (1987)

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Owned since 1992

Realization Of A Dream, End Of A Dream In 1992 I had a dream come true opportunity to try out for a full time IndyCar seat. 150 drivers from around the world met in Arizona to compete against each other until one was left. We tested several types of cars, being eliminated until we got to test our skills at the wheel of a 320 plus km/h IndyCar on a 16 lap sprint where the shortest cumulative time of all laps won. I was 2nd by .4 seconds. I was devastated, 2nd is 1st looser. I realized this was as high as I would climb, the end of a dream. After so many years, I am proud of what I accomplished.

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