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Porsche 911S targa (1971)

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Ive been fixing it up recently, and haven't progressed too much, but Its not as bad as I remembered. The main problems are how long its been since its ran, and the damage caused by the fire. The Wiring of the dashboard is pretty fcked up (blew CD player outta the dash) and the fire extinguisher caused some oxidation to the seat rails and E brake. I need to fix the wiring, get it to run (shouldn't be hard once the wiring is fixed) and fix the rust, clean the floor, then put the carpet and seats in. Its an interesting project but I should have it in good condition.

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Comments (4)

  • Im Planning on fixing it, but it hasn't ran in at least 10 years

      2 years ago
  • Lovely car! Don’t let those rims go to waste

      1 year ago