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Golf GTi (2015)

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My 2015 Golf GTi is for sale. It’s done 23,200 miles, has all the extras and the power pack. The price is £21,500. Send a reply if you’re genuinely interested

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Comments (63)

  • I want the older one as my first car.

    I wish I could actually really buy it but a few issues

    1: I live on a different continent

    2: My parents probably won't trust me with it

    3: I am not really a fan of the newer models and more into the classic ones. Mainly because where I live that car will be stolen in two seconds

      2 years ago
  • isn't this the one that you put against James May's BMW i3?

    The one that Richard Hammond says you didn't fill the forms in properly for. The one that you wanted to be a coupe....

      2 years ago
  • Jeremy clarksons car should be should for a lot higher price then this just saying

      2 years ago
  • Would you happen to accept USD?

      1 year ago
  • Dear Jeremy,

    For my first car I really want a GTI rabbit. The thing is I don't know what year to get. I need your help. Thank you.

      1 year ago