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Alfa Romeo 4c spider (2015)

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Owned since 2017

Bought for a dream design-build, but became my daily as it proved tough. AR introduced a thing really raw, "urged" - begging to evolve it.

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  • With dream cars such as a manual Pagani Zonda, any straight-six TVR, Lancia Stratos, Ferrari Enzo and Dino, Porsche GT... (it’s a long list) I would have to build my own car so I start by looking at the platform: omnidirectional, aerospace grade carbon tubs designed with “bolt on” subframes makes the tippy top priority for me. Alfa Romeo didn’t get the 4C “right”, it “urged” a retro-styled platform upon which Alfa Romeo “3.0” may celebrate it’s return. I write this in 2018, the year that (RIP) Marchionne left the brand with a clear future, and benchmark-smashing models in the Giulia and Stelvio as “fast-followers” in the era of the “final car” - where driving and maybe car-ownership rescinds into a hobby and “mobility solutions” actually resolves our global 150+ year experiment with the automobile. What car could replace its’ subframes with rotors if I must take to the sky? What car could swap its’ powertrain flexibly and without being better off starting from scratch? What is being used to create hypercars in garages, and easily lived with over generations without fear of rust and oxidation and fatigue? The answer is a lightly used 4C Spyder.

    1 year ago
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  • Very nice

    8 months ago