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BMW 850i (1991)

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Comments (6)

  • Excellent car! I think the E3X eras of BMW was their best

      4 months ago
    • I don't quite know what the E3X era was but I'm assuming it was around the time this was made, in which case you are right

        3 months ago
    • E30 is the 1980s 3 series, this 8 series is the e31, e32 is the second coolest 7 series generation (early 1990s), e34 is the 5 series that went alongside the e30, e36 is the 3 series that replaced the e30 and is my joint favourite 3 series (along...

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        3 months ago
  • Very underrated, but now I can see that well cared for example with manual transmission fetches serious money at BaT auctions.

      4 months ago