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Honda Civic Hatchback Sport (2019)

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It’s my first car ever, I don’t care that it has lag under 2K RPM but after that she pulls quickly, super fun to spin tires in, cloth interior, it’s the definitive hot hatch experience and I love it for that

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Comments (7)

  • Nice ride man!

      1 year ago
  • I would like a Civic Si for my first car

      1 year ago
  • I got a Civic sedan Sport (CVT unfortunately) as a daily driver recently. It’s a great car. I’m thinking of doing a few cosmetic things to it. Maybe lowering it an inch and putting some wheels on it...

      2 months ago
  • Manual or automatic?

      5 months ago
    • its a DISGUSTING CVT, I hate it but I have to make do with it as my dad didn’t want to learn how to drive a manual even though he never uses my car, getting the manual would’ve saved $800 too so again, I paid more for something worthless

        5 months ago