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Mazda Mx5 (1990)

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Owned since 2013

I bought this car at a point where I just needed a car quickly. I was always a petrolhead but never actually thought about what I drove. This wasn't going to be the same in my mind. I knew it was a fun car from a few reviews. As soon as I started driving it, I knew I'd made the right decision. It's full of character, feels alive and fun! In the 7 years of ownership I've basically rebuilt it, with more power, more handling and more everything. Every now and again I think I might sell it, then it takes one drive to remember why I love it. This, is a keeper in my eyes.

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  • I have some questions about miatas. I'm considering owning one, mind if you add me on snapchat and help me out? My snapchat is gayyyloser

      2 years ago