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Subaru RS turbo Liberty (1992)

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Owned since 2008

Had this little gem of a car for over 10 years now. Running a JDM EJ205 from a GC8 front cut. STi clutche, tdo4 turbo, 15psi boost, Haltech piggyback ecu, custom Front mount intercooler, BC racing coilovers, whiteline swaybars front and back, whiteline strut brace, bosh coils, sard fuel pressure regulator, led head lights, water spray, 3.5inch turbo back exhaust. Lots more stuff I can’t recall atm. Best car ever ever owned! More fun and faster then a new STi. For me the 90s was the best era of car engineering, everything was made to last. I will hang on to this thing for ever.

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