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Nissan Pathfinder (1999)

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I needed a winter beater so I didn’t have to drive the camaro in the snow. Picked it up for $1000. Not bad v6 automatic 4wd almost 200k on the odometer. That thing was an off roading machine with good tires on it. I actually sorta miss it and would definitely get another one. It’s a shame I junked it after the transmission blew and the motor kept overheating. It had well over 200k on the clock and it was rusting bad.

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  • Rusting is very unusual on Japanese cars. How do they treat snow on the roads nowadays? Surely not by spraying salt, still?

      9 months ago
    • where I live rusting is very common on Japanese vehicles. And they use this chemical spray to treat the roads that has salt in it. they say it is safe for cars but we know the local government is lying. new cars are starting to show rust after a...

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        8 months ago