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Porsche 911 930 Turbo (1975)

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  • Had a "ride" in one that had the boost turned up to 15lbs. Left the factory with 7. He was a licensed racing driver and WOW. Hang on because when that boost kicks in it's a missle. 4 speed because the 5 wasn't robust enough to handle the boost. Yeah, these are amazing cars. The crazy part? This was in 2014. The car went up for auction and sold sight unseen for $52,500 on eBay. Part of an estate. He works on Porsche's and the owner died. The estate asked him to sell it. I got a ride right before it sold. So awesome!!!!

      6 months ago
    • That's such a cool story, I love this car but it's a shame how high the prices are

        6 months ago
    • It really is. But the air cooled cars are becoming a hot commodity with turbos taking top spot, of course. It's not going to get any better. Almost a bygone era - ICE and especially air cooled. My Dad has a 74 Karmann Ghia. It's completely...

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        6 months ago
  • This car is true beauty my friend

      5 months ago