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BMW 323i (2000)

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Owned since 2012

This was my first BMW and my first manual car. And my first experience of how much could go wrong with a BMW. It was a nice car, bought it off some Polish guy. He delivered it to my house and all. I had some good memories in this car but long story short I’m glad it’s not mine anymore

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  • Surprise to hear about things go wrong with BMW. I own several BMW's. I still have my first, 120i hatchback M-optioned with 6-speed manual transmission. I bought brand new. It has clocked 200,000 km or 125,000 miles and still has factory clutch. I have not had any issues with it.

      10 months ago
    • It was all the stupid little things that went wrong and it kept adding up.seemed like every weekend I was working on it. I sold it before I moved to France.

        9 months ago