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Volkswagen New Beetle 20v turbo (2003)

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Owned since 2013

Me and my moms daily driver, it’s got a 20v turbo in-line 4 making probably 150hp, it’s an automatic, which sucks, but it isn’t a complete slushbox, boost kicks in around 6K rpms and when it kicks, it kicks in hard, had it since early 2013, and it’s been great since, it does have a problem with the oil evaporating causing the oil pressure light to blink for a quick second, which sucks as well, it’s got grippy ish sport tires and it’s an all around blast to drive, also, the fitment is WACK, I’ll probably show the engine later, (also I think the engine block may crack soon)

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  • Join my new beetöe tribe!! :)

      2 years ago