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Caterham Super 7 1600 (2020)

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  • Is that the current version of the low power one with steel wheels? I quite like that one, feels like how a Caterham 7 should be to me

      9 months ago
    • It's the one that is made to look like a classic Caterham/Lotus 7 I could have put any Caterham but I like the look of this one the most. I don't think it does come with steel wheels but it is based on the least powerful current Caterham.

        9 months ago
    • Cool! I don’t know the specific types of Caterhams, but I remember the Top Gear film James May made about them (where he drove some of their newly released cars) and I agreed with him that the low power one was my favourite (it just so happened...

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        9 months ago