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Mercedes-Benz E220d Estate Premium Plus (2017)

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Owned since 2018

Very cool in a way an SUV could never be!

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  • Wagons are underrated! Your Merc looks awesome👍

      7 months ago
    • Thank you sir, I really love this car and whilst it’s not the fastest car I’ve over owned it’s easily the best and that’s saying something with the cars I’ve had. 20” rims look the part too!

        7 months ago
    • Yeah that says a lot, because you owned some awesome cars! My favorite would be the Lotus Elise because I always loved it since I'm a kid. But I guess the Merc is a better daily!👍

        7 months ago
  • Yeah my dad owns wanna these, although he’s gonna be banned from driving in a few weeks , and it’s likely to last around 6 months. Anyway his lease ends on the 29th September so yea.

      2 years ago
  • Couldn’t agree more! I wish they sold more estates here in Canada (we call them wagons).

      2 years ago
    • What’s your wagon of choice?

        2 years ago
    • Some of my favourites wagons are the E34 M5, the B7 RS4, the V10 RS6 that was available briefly, and the current E63 S. I love more humble fun wagons too like the Focus ST wagon, even the diesel version, or any E46 3-series wagon (especially with...

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        2 years ago