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    • i always love good looking beasts like that

      5 days ago
    • Dear Mr Hammond i'm wondering if you remember the time in topgear when you and james did the drunk runners with the scooter man thingy, at the start you and james rocked up on your own bikes i wonder if you could please tell me what type of bike james was riding, thanks, pic included

      9 days ago
    • my grandad worked on these bikes, and it was seeing him down the garden shed working on them that made me because a member of the royal signals motorcycle display team, the white helmets, we ride t140 triumphs so if you want someone to show you have to use a kick start property I'm your man, and I'm a short ass too

      12 days ago
    • Do we not live at a most amazing time in history?Designed almost by accident when Phil Irving (an Aussie) placed a second drawing of the HRD 500cc single on top of the first and turned it sideways a bit.. Ooh look, a Vee Twin, this could be fun!. It has a weird angle, not 90 and not 60 degrees and hard to balance. But it fanged

      If I'm not mistaken, each exhaust will be close to 36" long, the muffler/expansion chamber will be located 2/3 along it's length, etc, etc, etc. Mr Irving blew up a lot of motors to discover the different ways to extract a bit more power and had a set of rules he then applied to every motor he built.

      I have to ask and I am going to be cheeky but is your Black Shadow easier to ride on the road now with the higher compression or does it stall so easy the only way you could stay alive and not get run over while finding TDC at the lights was to fit the electric start or rev the living crap out of it? I would very much like to see how you adapted this modern miracle. At 53, electric start is my best friend but fuel injection takes away the spirit.

      The girder forks were designed the way they are for a reason. With telescopic forks the wheelbase gets shorter as the suspension compresses and this changes the centre of gravity under braking. On a girder fork the front axle travels straight up and down so the wheelbase changes by fractions of an inch over the whole movement. As to whether this makes a useful difference to the handling, I don't know. Realistically, they are a horrible scary bike but somehow there is this challenging spirit-" Is that all you've got, because there is more if you want?" Oh, and that is not a genuine British bike because there is no oil stain on the concrete!

      22 days ago
    • I'm not a bike guy and I don't get a single thing, but all that enthusiasm and then not being able to start it made me laugh...

      23 days ago
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