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    • This film was extremely inconvenient for those of us hoping 996 prices wouldn't rocket. Consequently I had to go out on Thursday and buy one before being able to share this. I hope you're pleased Bovington.

      1 day ago
    • Here she is!

      1 day ago
    • I've been looking at the classifieds for 911s for many years and can remember seeing this car for sale. If I remember rightly it had an auto farm rebuild and looked like a great opportunity for someone. As a long time subscriber to Evo I was delighted when's Jethro bought it and now finally I've got one. And enjoy driving across my favourite road which I see used for this vid. Good on you ajerhro for sticking with it.

      1 day ago
    • What I want to know is how more sensible cars like this compare to the new gt3 for road use. From a fun point of view is the 996 more fun because you can use so much more of its performance?

      1 day ago
    • Jethro, do you recommend the Powerflex bushes? How does it feel compared to the OE rubber bushes?

      4 days ago