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1 year ago


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Comments (2)
Comments (2)
  • Sounds like a good time, but you totally lost me when you went into the electric motor controllers and batteries and such. How is electric simpler and easier to maintain than a good old two-stroke internal combustion again? Granted, this post doesn't make that claim, I forget where I saw that bit of absurdity.

    Edit: never mind the propane thing, I just realized how dumb it was...

    5 days ago
  • Man i cant believe there are no comments on this! Thank you so much. I've had two old MTBs for years sitting there not being used and wondered what i could do with them, plus two other friends who gave up adventure biking bored out of their skulls! We spotted this and decided to give it a go. Hopefully will have our first one built within a few months/by the summer. Looking forward to trying it. I used to surf a lot and picked up snowboarding quite quickly but dislocated my shoulder second trip and never went back so i will absolutely heed the warnings youve outlined here. Thank you for such a great tutorial to help us get started. Looking forward to this!




    2 months ago

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