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Comments (143)
Comments (143)
  • Any chance of another "show" like this one? even with Jeremy (bwahaha).

    5 months ago
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    • This would be brill all 3 , remake of the train Vs car Vs public transport ..... Lego style one makes a car one makes a plain one makes a double decker .. all piss

      1 month ago
  • Just finished it. Actually took me 10 minutes longer than the video to finish it. But it was brillinat fun! Hope they'll be doing that again. Cheers

    7 months ago
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  • Saw it yesterday, time well spent 👌😁

    8 months ago
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  • Holy shit! You guys have actually done something funny!

    8 months ago
  • So when do you rematch with not drinking vodka? maybe next time you should not drink absinth, sould also be fun! Maybe we see you not drinking all diffrerent kinds of not liquors in the future :DD

    8 months ago

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