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0 to 100, real quick_100 Formula 1 Hybrid races (number crunch)

Nobody seems to care but we've reached the 100 mark. 100 F1 races since the introduction of the hybrid power unit. So I thought I'd write about it

2y ago

I was sifting through pages and magazines and browsing the interweb looking for more eggs to be scrambled and realized that, coincidentally, the last race of this season was also the 100th race since the introduction of the hybrid engine in Formula 1.

I haven't heard or read much about it which probably means nobody cares except Mercedes. They do care. Mercedes have been in a league of their own since the advent of the hybrid engine. They've won 5 out of 5 driver's championship and 5 out of 5 constructor's championship. They've also won 74 races out of 100, that's, well, 74 % which is astonishing. What is even more amazing is the number of pole positions they've secured: 84.

Bottas came out on top in qualifying on six occasions, Rosberg did it twenty-six times and Hamilton was the fastest man out there fifty-two times. That's one pole every two races which, sorry I'm repeating myself, is astounding. Hamilton also won fifty-one races. Which is also one in two. Which is also, again I'm sorry, unbelievable.

Vettel and Ferrari were off to a great start this season, and they remained competitive for about half of the races but to be honest, Mercedes leadership was never seriously in question. Even this season, it became pretty clear pretty soon that Ferrari wouldn't pull it off.

I can't wait for 2019 season to kick-off. Leclerc is going to spice it up for sure while Vettel is going to be under great pressure because, after four seasons with F1's biggest name, he has to deliver. On the other hand, Hamilton is hungry for more, as ever, and Bottas did an amazing job, both this season and last year, helping his team winning both driver's and constructor's championship.

Meanwhile, in case you're interested (I know I am), Formula E season kicks off in 3 days in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a few familiar faces at the wheel. There's Buemi, Vandoorne, Wehrlein and then there's this team, Venturi Formula E Team, it appears they've employed this Brazilian driver. A new kid on the block. Rumour has it he's very good. His name is Felipe.

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