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  • I'll readily admit that slapping the GTO name on this car was a mistake for Pontiac! What wasn't a mistake was bringing the Monaro to the US! The LS1's and LS2's that came in them are great little engines and they tend to be well-made cars, but... will that translate into becoming a "Classic"? I'll leave that answer up to the poll!

    10 days ago
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    • I agree completely. Though I wonder if Pontiac would have had more stuff like this, instead of the vibe and Aztec, if it might not of ended up better for them.

      9 days ago
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  • The Aussie version (the Monaro) had a huge cult following from the moment it was released, so this has to be classic!

    10 days ago
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    • So do you think the Monaro, of the same year's, will reach Classic status? Or has it already?

      10 days ago
    • It already has Chris. They never really dropped in price to zero values like other Holdens, and good examples are bringing more money every year.

      Check out...

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      10 days ago


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