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Hi All,

This Tribe is dedicated to Garages, and the tinkerers that inhabit them. Whatever you create; be it 2 or 4 wheeled, be it 1000hp or 20hp, be it a beater or a show car. This is your Tribe. This is your place to express yourself within a world of online tinkerers.

all round funny man and just round in general

Alex Snowden

I'm Alex, Snowy to some, Ali to others and knob to most. I am 21 years old and still a student. I had a pinch of real life in the Industry at Bentley Motors but now; I am back coursework writing for a final year.

That’s me, on to Dad - Mike, 52, Business VP. Family man, businessman, all round funny man and just round in general.

Sorry Dad.

Anyway, the reason you’re here; Garage (Mistakes) Projects.
Yes, we are building a Cobra. A PhD Biochemist and a young, confused Automotive Engineer. What could possibly go wrong? "DONT SAY THAT!"

We looked at many options, GD, AK, DAX and came to the conclusion that XCS was the one for us. Mainly because their headquarters is 5 minutes down the road, but mostly because a man in a shed makes it called Gary.
Now we all know British sheds with Gary's in them have produced some of the most stunning engineering triumphs that the world has ever seen. You can almost be certain that Gary's in sheds around the world have built the world we live in; Gary Jobs, Gary Musk, Gary Ford but to name a few.

Mostly because a man in a shed makes it called Gary.

Alex Snowden

Terrible Jokes aside, What Peter and Gary Have created, as a chassis, is nothing more than a masterpiece. If you've bothered to read this far you are obviously a little interested and I'm not going to take their thunder and explain it badly so have a gander over onto their website and you'll understand why we have chosen it. Nothing competes with it.

Moving on from the chassis, the powertrain. The plan is, queue angry cobra purists, to put a Chevrolet LS3 engine at the front with a supercharger, why not? With a TKO600 Box and a Quaife LSD, what can possibly go wrong?

As your reading this, the Internet tells me:
20% of you should be asleep
30% of you should be working
And 50% of you are on the toilet

And 100% of the people writing this are still on the toilet.

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