- Will always be you and me Silvia.

1 girl, 1 love, 1 PS13

Sharing the name Sarah and sharing a love for silvia's especially ps13's it was a no brainer for me that Sarah's ps13 had to be featured. Could you call it a feature....or just simply sit back read about the car and admire it from afar! A bit of both in my eyes, I've seen this car in reality at car shows....always been in awe of it and how I fell in love with a completely standard 26 year old Silvia...well here is the extremely clean, prime examples of a 26 year old Silvia in all her glory and how could you not fall in love with her.

I asked Sarah to tell us about how she came across the Silvia when and where she imported etc.

Tell us the story of you and your Silvia Sarah....

I imported my lady 2 and half years ago from Japan, one owner from new!

My first ever car bought (I even didn’t have my provisional license!) I got that two weeks after buying her!

It was always a dream of mine to own a PS13 Never mind let alone the one I got! I have a serious passion for old school Japanese cars and I feel forever grateful to own my lady!

I wanted an NA with a clean body to build but to my surprise when she landed she was entirely original never been touched since she rolled out of her factory in 1991! Never been painted, changed in any way etc.

I have all her service history books, original keys, radio brochures etc.

Each and every single part of her is marked and stamped Nissan Japan down to the smallest bolt!

She is literally my baby! I feel blessed to own her and the love I have for her is real I feel it was meant to be and she was meant to be mine to respect her and preserve her!

I will never part with her she will always be mind till the day I die!

The rare occasion I will change her wheels to old school SSRs and put coil overs into her I already feel bad for having touched her that much!

Spec list is a completely original ps13 that’s never been touched.

My advice to Sarah don't make one change these days both on Irish roads and I'm sure on Japanese roads it's rare to find a car which is completely standard and so easily to fall in love with.

While I myself am a fan of driftcars, cars with somewhat of a bodykit and a performance modifications through the roof, I can't help think that or maybe even wish that there was more cars like this ps13 on Irish roads. Not enough credit and admiration can go to Sarah over this car and her love for it and how well she keeps and maintains it. Well done Sarah.

While there might not be much hype over these cars for the way they are standard I really do think there should be alot more love for them in their natural state.

Find some more pictures of the car below and marvel at how well aged this car is and how rare it is.....

I think I'm turning Japanese.

Number 3217

Credit to Sarah.....

Photo credits to:

Adam O Connor

Simon Cuttle

Sarah Markey.

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