- The remains of the F12 TDF - Image from GT Spirit

1 of 799 Ferrari F12 TDF Destroyed on Autobahn!

2y ago


A Ferrari F12 TDF model has come to an unfortunate end on an Autobahn between Cologne and Frankfurt. The car caught fire whilst on a carriageway and thankfully both the driver and passenger escaped the fire without injury. The same could not be said for the car unfortunately, which was completely destroyed by the fire.

Firefighters extinguishing the burnt remains of the Ferrari - Image from CarBuzz

The 2nd and 3rd lanes of the Autobahn were closed while firefighters dealt with the fire. Reports suggest engine failure was the cause of the incident.

Ferrari produced just 799 units of the TDF model, each starting from £340,000 and packed with 769BHP. Sadly there is now one less model in existence.

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