10 American Cars I actually like

3w ago


I don't really like american cars. There, I said it. They're too big, too heavy, and made of chocolate. I just don't get the hype. HOWEVER... there are a few exceptions. 10 to be exact. Here are the 10 american cars... I actually like. (Please note this is in no particular order)


Just look at it

I'm gonna say it. I prefer this to the ZR1. Sure, I don't HATE the ZR1 but, it didn't quite make the list. I prefer the way this looks. It's less aggressive, in a good way. The ZR1 is a bit over the top if you ask me. A bit ricey... And sure, it's all functional stuff, but, I'm not a fan. Sorry. The LT4 is an engine I like, very much. Powerful, loud, torquey. What more do you need? And it's available with a MANUAL gearbox, which most companies forget still exists. So for that alone, the 'vette makes it here.


Looks great, especially in this red

I don't like the Challenger. It's ugly and far too heavy. The Charger however, isn't. I mean sure, it's not exactly lightweight, but it's not AS heavy. And I think it looks way better. Not too fussed about the noise of the HEMI engine, but it's supercharged, which is nice. And then there's the 707hp, and 200mph top speed. This is a proper sports saloon. And at half the price of it's rivals, it's a steal.


That's a BIG hood scoop

Easily the best Mustang ever created, and the 850hp makes even a Demon quiver. I mean sure, 850hp won't exactly help it's "crowd magnet" reputation. Do I care? Not really. However, it is heavy. So heavy, that it is actually equally as quick as a Charger Hellcat. In fact, to 60 it's 0.1 seconds slower. And it too can do 200 mph. So is all that extra power, really necessary? Yes. Definitely.


Gorgeous car

I've never really been fussed about classic cars, especially american ones. Until I saw a 1971 Challenger in person. It's easily one of the better looking classic muscle cars, especially with custom wheels on it. It's not the quickest thing on the planet, but it'll still leave a modern day hot hatch in the dust. And the lack of TCS, ABS etc. makes it a real handful. Which I like. If you get killed in one of these (which you probably will) you'll look more heroic and manly than ever.


Luxury at it's finest

I don't really know why I like this car so much. I just do. I like the older one too, from 2009. Not the coupe, that was hideous, but the sedan was beautiful. As is this new one. And it has one of the best american engines ever, the LT4. it produces less horsepower than the Z06 (640 to 650) but, that's OK. I don't think your kids will mind, especially when it has the same 0-60 time as the much more powerful Super Snake, that I featured earlier. The gearbox is meh. It's an 8 speed auto, and unfortunately that is your only option. But in the second gen car, you can get a 6 speed manual. So I personally would be happy with either of the two.


It's an Evil looking car

I don't like the Demon. More of the reason to like the Exorcist right? Sort of. I like the Camaro too. Sure the ZL1 is nice and all, but this just looks better. It amazes me how much some black paint and stickers can affect the appearance of a car. Sure I'm not a fan of the "Hennessey" sticker across the windscreen, but I can discount that. Especially when the rest of the car looks really, really mean. And I know that the Demon is slightly faster, but you don't have to rebuild the Exorcist to make it fast, it is already. And once you've lost the drag race, you can just drive home, whilst your Demon driving pal, is rebuilding his car to make it street legal again. So in real life, the exorcist is just better.


Still less boaty than a Challenger.

What happens when you put a 6.4 litre Hemi, inside a family SUV. The Cherokee SRT8 will happen. But what happens when you decide that 425hp just isn't enough. You put the 707 hp engine from the Hellcat in it instead. It's stupid. It's completely pointless. But it's brilliant. In every way. It's faster than ALL of it's rivals, by a substantial margin, and i think it's one of the better looking SUV's even though the design is a bit outdated now. The extra aggressiveness is subtle. It's perfect. And it's cheap. Like really cheap. Here in the UK it's nearly £15.000 cheaper than the Cayenne turbo, which is uglier, slower and just as well equipped. So why wouldn't you?


Much better looking than the OTT C7

As i mentioned near the start, I'm not a huge fan of the new ZR1. I mean sure, it's REALLY fast, and it can go round corners really well. But all the extra aero bits, just ruin it for me. This one however, the C6, has none of that. No nonsense. Just pure, sleek lines, not ruined by big spoilers or silly splitters. And it too was fast. 638hp, which is only 12 less than the current Z06. Which means that, it too, is fast. 205 mph and 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. And like the Z06, it has a manual gearbox. And it's pretty cheap considering the performance. And it's practical. You could use this as your only car. If you live alone.

2. VIPER SRT-10 COUPE (2009?)

Much better looking than the convertible

I personally think convertibles are a bit camp. Obviously there are a few exceptions, one of which was the Viper. I wasn't exactly a hater of the first gen, but the second gen is definitely the best looking in my opinion. Especially in coupe form. The whole rear end had a complete redesign when the roof was added, and as a whole, I think it's a much better look. Especially in this colour, with the stripes. (always have the stripes, they add 500hp). And sure, the engine is WAY too big, but who gives a damn. I don't. And it kinda sounded like a V8, which was interesting...


Totally not a Mitsubishi...

OK, yes I know, it's not really a dodge. But it has a Dodge badge so it is. Let me explain. Underneath it's a Mitsubishi 3000GT (or GTO depending on where you are from), which i also really like. It has the same 320hp twin turbo V6, and the same interior. The only thing that's different is the body. I'm torn between whether i prefer this or the GTO. We don't get the Stealth over here so I don't really have a choice. But secretly... I like that weird spoiler. I like the Stealth. And I don't really know why.

Do you agree with my list? If anyone complains that the Demon isn't here, I will stab you. I hate it. End of discussion.