#10 Awesome Christmas gift ideas for the petrol head in your life

27w ago


So Christmas is around the corner, so in case you still haven't got a gift for the petrol-head in your life, here is a handy list of cool things most petrol-heads would love to find under their tree this year.

A good automotive book or audio book.

Surprisingly or un-surprisingly there are a lot of great books about cars out-there yet somehow they are often not though about when looking for a gift. One of my favourites is Adrian Newyes 'How to Build a Car', the autobiography of a man who designed more Formula 1 Championship winning cars then anyone else.

Source: https://www.thebookshop.pl/How-to-Build-a-Car-by-Adrian-Newey-p3819

If the person you are getting the gift for isn't an F1 fan, you can try something more generally applicable like Ben Collins (known also as 'The Stig') 'How to Drive'.

Car Related Merch

When it comes to car merch, the options are infinite from your stuff like T-Shirts, mugs, phone cases, to more out there such as clocks or a mini skirts adorned by the face of Jeremy Clarkson, there is something that will tickle everyone's fancy at the DriveTribe store.

Search the internet long enough and you will find something for everyone, be it here on DT, Ebay, Hoonigans, SpeedHunters, Zilla or a certain other site that rhymes with Rac Bottle...

A Karting Session

Karting is one of the things most petrol heads love and feel like they don't get to do enough of, mainly because it takes time and money that unless you are competing might feel like waste. In other words it's the perfect gift, it's fun, not overly expensive and something you might be a little reluctant to spend your own money but would love to do regardless.

If you are on a tight budget my biggest hint would be to look for an indoor track, these are usually far cheaper.

British Motoring Museum Classic Car Workshops

If your petrol head has the liking for old cars this might be the perfect gift for them, developed by the British Motoring Museum to help with maintenance, repair and care for classic cars. The courses come with a whole day museum acces, lunch, refreshments and most importantly practical sessions at the museums restoration workshop.

Source: BMM Website

Japfest, Goodwood, Gravity Show Tickets

UK is home to some of the best car events in the world nd they fit all tastes and pockets. For your JDM fans there is the fantastic Japfest event happening at Silverstone and Donington circuits that brings out some of the best Japanese cars in the country. Goodwood hosts several events and is a must in the diary of any motorsport or classic car fan. A quick google search will bring up a whole host od difrnt results.

Source: Japfest

Car Service

This one is the for the busy type of petrol-head out there, as most petrol-heads pride themselves in maintatinig their car themselves and would take offence to the idea of someone else messing with their pride & joy.

Source: Google

Some out there might lack the necessary time to carry out all the servicing themselves, so they might appreciate a voucher or car service at a reputable garage to show you care about them and the things they hold dear.

A set of tools A set of tools

Almost universally all petrol-heads will re-joice at a nice set of tools, it would be a good idea to check if they don't already have whatever tool you are considering, but a 10mm is always a safe bet.

Source: Google Images

Driving Experience

These popped up all across country and are quite scalable with regards to price, they start from under a £100 pounds for a few laps in something like an Audi R8 or an old Aston DB9 up to courses for several hundred pounds in several different super-cars.

Source: Google Images

It would be wise to do some research about the company you take it out from, and ask some sneaky questions to make sure you chose the right car experience.

Ultimate Gift- Driving Tuition

This is the ultimate driver oriented gift in my opinion, sadly it's also the most expensive one.

Source Google Images

There are plenty options to chose from be it dedicated track driving lessons, off-roading or even advanced on road-driving courses in performance cars with a racing instructor. Research here is the key.

Off-shoot gift- A Project Car

Okay so this is a pretty out there gift idea and I do strongly suggest consulting the recipient before as a project car can be as much a gift as a financial burden. Think of it as a huge lego set that needs extra (sometimes really expensive) bricks to work. It can be great fun but also a lot of pain.

Source: Google Images

Scoure the classifieds for a bit and you will find plenty of projects going for three figure sums, from trusty old Miatas, 90's hot-hatch heroes and up and coming classic BMW's, there is something for everyone's taste.