10 car accessories to treat yourself to this Black Friday

Thaw out with some cool car-related gadgets

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Winter's around the corner so your thoughts have probably already turned to buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones. But ask yourself this – when did you last treat yourself to some cool, utterly essential, gadgets? Remember that there's a 95 per cent chance of your inbound Christmas presents being socks and deodorant. So why not buy yourself a cool car gadget? Go on. It'll be more exciting than another Lynx gift set.

Here are 10 tempting tidbits to add to your next Amazon order. Because you're worth it.

1: Pocket jump-start kit

Cold weather doesn't just bugger about with your extremities – it's an absolute killer for batteries. And if your car's battery is a bit past its best then it's worth buying this rechargeable jump pack. You just charge it up like a regular USB power bank, except it can then resuscitate your car as well as giving you an extra day of swiping through the 'gram. And at £35 it's a bit of a bargain.

Grab yours here.

2: An indestructible ice scraper that won't freeze your mitts

If you commute by car then chances are you'll have forgotten your ice scraper at least once. Just last week I was frantically cleaning the windscreen of our Kodiaq vRS with the least important loyalty card in my wallet. Sorry Waitrose.

Don't let that be you though! This inexpensive ice scraper promises to be indestructible. We're not sure how you're ever likely to break an ice-scraper unless you have a massive hissy fit at Jack Frost's white coatings, but still. It's an essential, it's £8 and it has a foam handle so you don't need gloves to use it and retain your skin. Buy your new friend here.

3: Can't be arsed scraping? Get this windscreen cover instead

Some of us just aren't built for manual labour, so that's why humanity invented windscreen covers like this one. For just £13 you can keep the frost off your windscreen overnight. Just slap it on when you get home after work and you'll have a nice clear windscreen come sunrise – without any danger to your Waitrose card. Can't say fairer than that, and you can get yours here.

4: De-icer isn't sexy, but it is quite helpful – especially if you buy two

You know how it goes. It's March. You've been through three months of frosty bother. You've survived. But you still have to de-ice the car to get to that first car meet of the season… and your de-icer coughs its pitiful last squirt onto your windscreen. That, friends, is why you should always buy two bottles of de-icer at once. It means you don't have to be prepared or have the forethought to replace a nearly empty one. For a tiny bit more than £6 you can finally be the new you. The prepared, double de-icered you. Start your life-changing journey here.

5. Stop your old car misting up

If you own an older car, or a car without decent air-con then chances are you've experienced the thrill of your windscreen misting up and taking ages to clear. My old Mk3 Toyota MR2 was an absolute pain for it – to the extent where the cabin had so much moisture in it that I had to scrape ice off the inside of the windscreen more than once.

I cured the problem by whacking one of these car dehumidifiers in it – it's a small cushion that soaks up moisture from the air. This one has a spot that turns pink when it's saturated with moisture, at which point you just put it in the microwave for six minutes to reset it. They work a charm – and for £7 you could save yourself a lot of time this winter. Buy yours.

6: Customise your home with classy personalised licence plates

I think these mini customisable UK registration plate stickers exist so you can pimp up your kid's ride-on electric cars. But we can think of several more uses – what about using them as cool name stickers for bedroom doors? Or just for trolling your mates over the festive period with witty jibes about their driving style. Either way - these customisable licence plate stickers are only £3.25 a pop so why not give them a go? Customise yours here.

7: Stickerbomb all the things!

Say it quietly, but certain things look quite good when covered in a smorgasbord of cheap vinyl stickers. Elements of Mk1 MX5s, for example. Or laptops. Not pets though. That would be cruel.

To save you hunting down stickers for your stickerbombing antics, you can buy these sheets of 101 stickers to get you started. At £8 a pop you can get a few sheets for less than the price of a KFC family bucket and really go to town on your front wings. Grab your stickers here.

8: A Black & Decker tool roll for those emergency fixes

Let's be honest, it's quite fun putting together your own mini toolkit for the car, but nothing's quite as satisfying as know you have a proper, professional-grade tool roll tucked away in the boot.

This Black & Decker set is like a delicious tool burrito, garnished with an extremely spicy salsa made of just about every conceivable tool you'd need if you got stuck out on the road. It rolls up to a small package measuring just 32cm tall, so it won't take up much room under your boot floor. And it's only £38. Can you afford not to? Grab yours here.

9: Shine your way out of trouble with an LED Lenser torch

LED Lenser are pretty much the daddies of affordable but insanely bright torches. Forget stuffing a knackered old MagLite in the glovebox for those night-time emergencies – you want one of these. I should know, I bought my brother one a few years ago and he still delights in illuminating the clouds every time we go out for a walk in the countryside.

For £34 you can get the LED Lenser P7, a 450 lumens torch which will astonish you every time you turn it on. Sure, proper torch nerds will tell you there are even brighter flashlights out there, but this represents great value. Treat yourself! Light up your life here.

10: Get your shine on even in the depths of winter

It's all too easy to cruise through winter with your car covered in grime – but it's far more satisfying to cruise around in a shiny motor regardless of the temperature. We can't be bothered cleaning our cars when it's freezing cold outside, but this excellent Dodo Juice detailing spray is a quick and easy way to a shinier car. And, like all Dodo Juice products, it smells delicious too, and you can use it to tart up the inside of your car as well. At just over £8, can you afford to not be as shiny as possible? Grab yours here.

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Comments (42)

  • I just pour some cheap alcohol on the windscreen. It works.

      8 months ago
    • So while others heave and scrape, you pour yourself a glass of cheap brandy, down it, toss the glass into the bushes and then pour the rest over the windscreen.

      Because that is class.

        8 months ago
    • Kinda I guess

        8 months ago
  • Don't think this jump start thing will work because the wire is too thin. It will even probably melt. Would love to hear a hands on review of this thingy.

      8 months ago
    • Project Farm on YouTube just reviewed & compared a bunch on his channel. Check it out. 👍

        8 months ago
    • I've used one once. On an R34 GT-R. It was the best of times. Can't remember how thick the wires were, but the one in this article gets pretty good reviews

        8 months ago
  • Winter tyres people. Just do it

      8 months ago
    • Not really an "accessory" are they?

      More of a requirement. I get an insurance discount for running winter tires on my car.

        8 months ago
  • Great article. Great items for winter.

      8 months ago
  • Best car gadget? A garage with space to park your car.

    I use a snow brush about twice a year and I live in Canada.

    Snow brush wasn't on the list either. Colder parts of the world require snow brushes with integrated scrapers.

      8 months ago