10 convertibles for £10k or under

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Spring is finally here and with the season change comes longer, brighter evenings and better weather, so now is great time to start the search for a nice convertible.

10. MG MGB - If you're after a classic convertible for sub-£10K, the MGB is a quintessential light-weight British sports car that will allow you to drop the top and tackle twisty B-roads in style. Reliability not guaranteed.

9. Audi TT - The TT is a popular choice among hairdressers everywhere. Both MK1 and MK2 examples are available for under £10K and there are a wide range of engine options available, plus you have the choice of having Audi's famous Quattro system.

8. BMW Z4 - Fancy a luxury convertible but don't have £40K+ for a new model? The relatively light-weight, front engined, rear wheel drive BMW Z4 might be for you. Expect to pay BMW servicing/running costs.

7. Mercedes SLK - Like German carmakers but don't fancy a BMW? Perhaps the SLK will be more suited to you. The SLK is very well equipped and early examples (from 2000 on) are now as cheap as chips. You can even get a supercharged 'Kompressor' model.

6. Nissan 350Z - The 350Z offers a well equipped GT car complete with a 3.5-litre V6 for as little as £5K. Its not the lightest car on the list but it certainly offers great value for money.

5. Porsche Boxster - Fancy a Champagne car for lemonade money? The Porsche Boxster might be the one for you. Early examples are now going for as little at £5K, though you should cost for Porsche running/maintenance costs.

4. Lexus SC - Want something luxurious, a bit left of field with Japanese reliability? Then the Lexus SC is the car for you. Complete with a powerful V8 the SC offers fantastic bang for your buck.

3. Vauxhall VX220 - The VX220 was built and honed by Lotus so it shouldn't be overlooked. It's a very light-weight and capable mid-engined, rear wheel drive sports car and a decent naturally aspirated example can be bought now for under £10K.

2. Toyota MR2 - Fancy a light-weight, mid-engined, RWD drive sports car that's reliable too? The MR2 is the car for you. All three generations are available for under £10K & in my opinion it's a car that's massively under rated and often overlooked.

1. Mazda MX5 - Now in its fourth iteration, there's a lot of reasons why the MX5 is the world's best selling sports car. It's fun, light-weight and cheap to maintain and run. The first three generations can all be picked up for under £10K.

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  • How is that Lexus boat on the list when the Honda S2000 is nowhere to be seen? Even a Honda CRX is better than most of the cars on this list and it's not on there either...

    2 years ago
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    • I agree the Lexus should not be on the list. The s2000 probably isn't there because it's such a good car is still too expensive. The CRX isn't there because it's not a convertible.

      2 years ago
    • The second generation was a convertible.

      2 years ago
  • You forgot the BMW e46 m3 convertible.

    2 years ago
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