- The Tesla Model 3, the perfect EV for the Santa ? (Credit : Inside EVs)

10 electric vehicles the Santa could drive at Christmas

21w ago


Here we go for the last day before christmas. Being patient at christmas is not an easy thing to do. As old children, we have to wait for the Santa quietly. What can we do actually before his arrival? Imagine how the Santa could come at our homes seems to an interesting idea. So let's go to look for the 10 perfect EVs our beloved Santa could drive on 24th december.

If the Santa has one of the ecological vehicles all over the world, he could use a modern transportation to deliver our presents at the Christmas trees. Which EVs could help him for his annual job. According to a mid-range or a long-range, the car makers were inspired to develop and produce electric saloon cars, hatchbacks or SUVs in 2018.

1- Nissan Leaf

(Credit : NissanNews.com)

2- Honda Clarity

(Crédit : Honda).

3- Kia E-Niro

(Credit : Automobile Propre)

4- Jaguar I-Pace

(Credit : A.Saboureau)

5- BMW i3

(Credit : A.Saboureau)

6- Audi E-Tron Quattro

(Credit : Audi)

7- Tesla Model 3

(Credit : Tesla)

8- Chevrolet Bolt EV

(Credit : Chevrolet)

9- Hyundai Kona Electric

(Credit : Autocar)

10- Renault Zoe

(Credit : La Tribune)

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Merry Christmas all of you.