It's Facts Friday, and we're kicking it off with the Three-pointed Silver Arrows car manufacturer.

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1. The "Mercedes" in Mercedes-Benz was named after a businessman's daughter

Mercedes Jellinek, Emil Jellinek's daughter.

Mercedes Jellinek, Emil Jellinek's daughter.

The “Mercedes” part of Mercedes-Benz was named after Emil Jellinek’s daughter Mercedes in 1901. Jellinek was an automobile entrepreneur at the time who worked with the company. Jellinek ended up being part of the board of directors and the name stays to this day.

2. The Three-pointed star logo has it's own meaning

The symbol of star is very popular, one of the interesting facts about Mercedes Benz's symbol is that it represents three element of air, land, and sea. You can find the star in all Mercedes cars, on the hood.

3. Mercedes once made a fish-like car

A kind of yellow boxfish, a native of the Indo-Pacific region, was the design inspiration of the Mercedes-Benz Bionic, launched in 2005. The reason behind such a unique design was to make the shape aerodynamically efficient.

4. One Engineer For One Engine

The high-performance division of the brand, Mercedes-AMG, takes up a high standard when manufacturing their vehicles, with one of the example is the ‘one man, one engine’ philosophy. Every single car in AMG is assembled under the supervision of one highly-qualified technician. Needless to say, the vehicle has to pass a number of tests after the assembly process.

5. First driver's licence in the world

Karl Benz's official driving licence

Karl Benz's official driving licence

Karl Benz was the founder of the company and the creator of the first practical motorcar. Also, he was the first person in the world to get a driving license. He received written permission from the Grand Ducal Authority in Luxembourg to drive his automobile on the city streets.

6. A Mercedes-Benz SUV Was Used In The Jurassic Park Movie

In Steven Spielberg's s huge 1993 blockbuster movie, he used several Mercedes-Benz ML 320. The automobile is currently in the display of Stuttgart’s MB Museum, Germany.

7. The Seats Provide Support For Internal Organs

It is surely one of the most impressive Mercedes-Benz facts. The engineers take suggestions from prominent orthopedic physicians to ensure that the seats are highly ergonomic. They provide support for vital body parts such as back, knee-joint, kidneys, etc.

8. First in safety, safety first

Anti-lock brakes were first used in Mercedes-Benz cars in 1978, and they have been the standard equipment on all Mercedes-Benz cars since model year 1989. The acronym "ABS'', coined in 1972, did not originally stand for "Anti-lock Braking System'' as one might expect, but "Anti-Blocking System.''

9. In-house car perfume

The S-Class offers a fragrance system of its own. Owners can choose between four fragrances, created to specifically complement the leathery smell of new cars: Freeside Mood (citrus), Nightlife Mood (leather and wood), Sports Mood (floral and outdoors), and Downtown Mood (floral and musk).

10. Perks and Recreation

The partnership of Mercedes-Benz with select high-end hotels offer their owners special perks like extra credits, meals, spa packages, discounts and more!

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  • One of the first things I learnt in school was the first fact 🤣

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  • The thing about the first ever driving license is interesting.

    And what is it with those perks for Mercedes owners? 😃 Where can I get mine? :))

      6 months ago
    • It is!

      I think those perks are available at hotels and recreational places in Germany hahaha

      Nice C-Class by the way, always wanted to get one of those as a daily!

        6 months ago
    • I will keep that in mind in case I will be visiting Germany 😄

      Thanks a lot! I've long wanted to get myself a nice C-class, especially a coupe. I have had it for two months so far, and mostly its a great car, very quiet, comfortable, refined,...

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        6 months ago