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10 of the best memes from the 2021 French Grand Prix

The funniest comments & reactions that the internet had to offer

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F1 fans around the world were pleasantly surprised this past weekend when what many had already written off as probably one of the most boring weekends of the season turned out to be an action-packed race that went right down to the wire - I know, right?

While one event in particular has dominated conversation - as well as most of this list- meme-makers (memers/memsters?) took to the internet to give their creative take on the situation.

So without further ado, here are 10 of the best memes from this years French GP.

1. u/Dsape

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At first I wasn't quite sure where this one was going but if I've learnt anything from previous Shaq memes is that 60% of the time, it's funny every time.

Bonus points awarded for creativity here as well as getting a proper chuckle out of this jaded internet users.


A current meme template that perfectly captures how incredulous Lewis must have been seeing Max charge past him with nothing else to do but watch and contemplate his fate - 10/10.

3. u/RKoke

Considering the difficulties he had communicating throughout the race only adds to how impressive this win was for Verstappen.

I'm not quite sure what he said after the race either, but I'm sure it was profound and inspirational.

4. u/sinnohstarter390

Iconic, simply iconic!

Bottas' frustration is more than understandable, especially as this apparently isn't the first time he's been ignored on race strategy, meaning that we'll likely see him racing for someone else in 2022 unless an amends can be made.

5. u/werbfab

An oldie but a goodie.

With its first non-score of the 2021 season, the French GP is one Ferrari will want to forget. Both Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr were unable to put up decent lap times due to tire degradation which forced them to take extra stops and finish outside the top 10.

6. u/monachia

Simple, elegant and says far more about the situation than my ramblings ever could.

Well done u/monachia.

7. u/J0JOxyz

We all appreciate having a little more insight into the nitty-gritty side of the sport now and again, but come on AWS, these are just getting ridiculous now.

8. u/ariamadina

With the same number of T's in his name as he had sets of tires (not my gag, I'm not that clever), this Redditor has chosen a template that perfectly captures the "I told you so" energy that Bottas must have had following the race.

Maybe next time they'll listen, ey?

9. @olafurw

I mean, you don't need me to explain why this one is funny, do you?

10. u/LavhithPragada

I'm a big enough man to admit I was wrong and you should do the same!

Seriously though, this year's French GP far exceeding expectations and we were all the winners as a result.

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