10 petrol cars Clarkson will buy before the UK's ban

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DriveTribe founder Jeremy Clarkson has responded to the UK Government's plans to ban all petrol and diesel-engined cars by 2035 in a way only he could. He's jumped onto DriveTribe's Instagram to reply to Ben Welham's story on the matter, stating:

"I shall buy 10 new cars in 2034".

Clearly he's not looking forward to a world where we're forced to buy zero-emission cars. But the bigger question is: which cars will he buy?

We're reckoning on some V8-powered brutes, a couple of emotionally challenged Italian things, a comfortable Range Rover and what's probably the last generation Golf GTI before it becomes a fully electric hot hatch.

Let us know in the comments which cars you think he'll buy.

1. An Alfa Romeo

2. An Aston Martin

3. The next Mercedes-AMG Black Series

4. One last Ferrari

5. Yet another Range Rover

6. Another Ford GT

7. Bentley Continental GT (his car of the year 2019)

8. A Mk8 VW Golf GTI

9. A V8 Jaaaag

10. A Porsche 928.

Which 10 cars do you think Clarkson will own come 2034? Tell us in the comments!

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