10 Porsches set alight in Hamburg ahead of the G20 Summit

Leave the cars out of it!

3y ago

The world leaders are meeting at the G20 summit in Hamburg from July 7-8, including Donald Trump and Putin, who are going to have a little chat with each other, which will most likely amount to nothing.

I won't get into a political debate on here as this is a motoring website and the only reason I bring up the G20 summit is that there has been some anti-car activity.

10 Porsches were set alight in Hamburg outside of a Porsche dealership on July 6th and police are currently investigating whether it was a protest against the G20 summit. I'm no detective, but I'll do the police's job for them... that is some protest arson right there.

Police stated that unidentified perpetrators (protesting pricks) set the cars alight in the city's Eidelstedt district shortly before 4 a.m. The blaze was extinguished before 6 a.m.

WHY... why go for the cars? I'm sure there were loads of things you can burn in protest, but stay away from the cars. Especially a Porsche dealership for god's sake.

You could have burnt some money or something, that would have made your point really well. Or, next time, focus on the Chevrolet Sparks or a Nissan Juke maybe, don't go straight to the Porsche dealership, you animals.

Watch the aftermath below:

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  • I can tell you why they target these cars - they're anarcho-communists. They see any sign of wealth as an affront to their ideals, which is for everyone to have exactly the same - nothing. These protests are always filled with these types of people with no grasp on reality and take their anger out on anything they perceive as capitalist. On top of that they just plain revel in causing destruction and mayhem and ruining someone's life if they have it even slightly better than they do.

      3 years ago
    • Anarcho-Communism isn't always violent and hateful. As always with these things it's one group of stupid individuals who give a good thing a bad reputation

        3 years ago
    • Wow, are you suggesting that these protester are in any way "a good thing"? Anarcho-Communism is the very embodiment of "stupid as shit".

        3 years ago
  • Must be some kind of retard that thinks burning some thing is a good way of protesting for environmental issues.

    Especially a car.

    Go burn a jostik you cow shit juggling, hessian knicker wearing dick hoop.

      3 years ago
  • It's playground stuff. The toy you can't have ...you destroy. It's not a political point these fools are making: it's pure envy and paradoxically celebrates the fruits of capitalism that these 'failures' will never access. Poor sad protesters 😭

      3 years ago
  • this proves how stupid people can be.

      3 years ago
  • I wish I was as stupid as them; I would have found out which are their 10 favorite hugging trees and I would have burnt them down.

      3 years ago