10 Reasons Lewis Hamilton Should be Knighted

1y ago


1. He owns a Mercedes-AMG SLS Black Series, a Ferrari LaFerrari AND a Pagani Zonda 760 LH

2. He is the proud owner of not one but THREE Blue Peter badges

3. He can actually ride a unicycle, not just balance on one for a millisecond

4. He can do donuts and burnouts in an F1 car. In real life, NOT merely on a console game

5. He (might have) boned Rita Ora

6. He (definitely) boned Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzy

7. He’s the only human to have ever featured in Cars 2 (and even helped in designing his car) for his appearance in the Disney Pixar blockbuster

8. He was denied access to Wimbledon due to his dress sense (this is a definite achievement, considering the appalling attire sported by most celebs who appear anywhere near SW19's Centre Court)

9. He parties/holidays with Rihanna

10. Oh, and he has become the most successful British racing driver in history (yes, even better than that dour tartan-loving Scots bloke), having bagged his fourth Formula One Driver’s Championship at the Mexico GP recently. He also has had more pole positions than any other F1 driver (ever), together with more career points than anyone else (also ever)

10 Reason Why Lewis Hamilton Shouldn’t be Knighted (According to jealous types)

1. He wears diamond earrings

2. He lives in Monaco as a tax exile (because none of his detractors would if they ever found themselves in the same positons, obvs)

3. He uses social media (just like his detractors do, but clearly way more annoyingly as he visually documents his lavish lifestyle. As opposed to Instagramming a pint sat on a pub beer garden table)

4. He’s preparing for life after Formula 1. Cardinal sin for a driver, apparently

5. He’s not very passionate about driving. Shows, doesn’t it?

6. He drives an F1 car in a different age. Pit him against legends like Schumacher, Fangio, Senna and Taki Inoue and he’d be nowhere, according to experts (and sex pests)

7. Anyone* could win the Driver’s Championship if they were driving his Mercedes. Like, durrrr

8. He listens to music you don’t understand

9 – 10. See points 5 and 6 above

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*Save for Pastor Maldonado