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10 reasons the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat is the ultimate family hauler

A big ol' V8 isn't the only thing that makes this thing special.

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I had just spent a week with the new 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat and I decided that I wanted to something a little bit different with this one and more of the "special vehicles" I get. For this Durango SRT Hellcat, I want go through and list out all the reasons I believe it to be the "Ultimate Family Hauler".

It has a 710 horsepower Hellcat V8 engine

Okay, let us get it out of the way. The whole reason this thing is on any special level is that it has the supercharged Hellcat V8 which immediately puts it on the top. What is interesting is that all eyes including were are on the RAM TRX which has its own Hellcat V8 heart, but the TRX "only" has 702 horsepower. The Durango SRT Hellcat gets gets 8 horsepower more for a total of 710 horsepower. I should also note the thing gives you an insane 645 lb-ft of torque.

It is the most powerful three-row SUV

This is really just a continuation of that 700+ horsepower figure, but falls right on that family hauler bit I am going for. The Durango SRT Hell cat has three-rows and no other three-row SUV has more power than it.

The SRT drive modes

The most consumer level never ever going to hit the track vehicles have a sport mode, but the SRT Drive Modes are some of the best drive modes in the industry. Where some other cars have a single sport mode that might change throttle mapping or hold a gear a little longer the drive modes in the Durango SRT Hellcat change everything. The transmission, the paddle shifters, the all-wheel-drive system, the stability control system, the suspension, and the steering can all be changed.

The digital gauges and performance pages

Along side those drive modes, are so many digital screens showing you just what your Durango SRT Hellcat can do and will do if you push the right button. You have the performance pages which can show you a bunch of aux gauges, a dyno screen, as well as a G-force meter. You also have a timers showcasing you just how fast you are going. Speaking of fast, in the race options screen you are able to enable and change the launch control settings.

It has launch control

That launch control I just mention has to be called out on its own. Remember the most powerful three-row SUV bit? Forget powerful, I am not sure any other three-row SUV has a launch control setting.

It has a wake the neighbors exhaust

If you have any Hellcat V8 hearted vehicle, sorry your neighbors will hate you. Starting your engine will have the Doom guy open the portal on Mars to hell and unleash all 700+ horsepower to your ears. You might as well join your neighborhoods homeowners association to keep the citations at bay.

The supercharger produces a demonic wale

The wake the neighbors exhaust happens just from starting the thing, but when you put your foot down it is a whole new story. That 710 horsepower supercharged Hellcat V8 beings waking up producing an intoxicating demonic wale.

It looks angry

Beyond all the above, it is an angry looking SUV. Angry is good. The aggressive styling matches the performance it can dish out. In my opinion, it is the best looking Durango you can buy as well.

It has the brakes to stop all that go

Everything about it is marketed as go, go, go. 700 horsepower, loud, angry, rawrrrr, but luckily it has the brakes to back it up. It has a 6 piston SRT by Brembo kit out front and a 4 piston kit in the rear.

The thing does all that and can still tow 8700 pounds.

If the 710 horsepower wasn't an act of God already, the vehicle can also tow 8700 pounds while being pegged as a performance SUV. Dodge says that is 1.5x its weight in gold. They didn't say gold, but that sounds cooler.

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