10 Reasons Why Cars Are Better Than Women

I don't always do top 10 lists. But when my buddy suggested this one as a joke, I couldn't resist. I also may have had a couple beers. Hopefully my girlfriend doesn't see this one

If you have something that should have been included, please add it in the comments!

10. You can freely admit when your car needs work

9. 5 guys in a car might smell but it isn't messy

8. If you ask nicely, your friend might let you borrow his car

7. Replacement parts don't always cost a small fortune


6. Having your father with you in the car isn't weird

5. You can stare at nice cars all day and not get in trouble


4. Cars don't get jealous when you buy a newer model

3. You can test drive a car without commitment

3. Turning on a car is simple


2. You control the car at all time

1. Cars come with an owner's manual

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