10 road-cars defined by their doors

6w ago


Exterior is, for many a very integral part of a car. So making the exterior of a car can be very crucial. While you can see mind-boggling exteriors of concept car, you don't see many cool exteriors on the road because the road cars have to follow some laws. Doors are also a part of the exterior which carmakers do play with. The doors on these road-cars are just beyond cool.

The Swan-Lykan HyperSport

Lykan is a car-brand that was known by many car lovers because of Fast and Furious. Lykan is a brilliant car brand and while doors of most cars open sidewards, the HyperSport made by Lykan had doors that opened backwards. But then this was Middle-East's first hypercar, so it had to be bonkers.

The Suicide-Lincoln Continental

Long time ago, when Lincoln was a cool car company, it was a master of Suicide doors. Killing it in the big sedan market, Lincoln was helped by the suicide doors, as the rear doors hinged backwards giving it an exuberant and dramatic look. These days too Lincoln is making suicide doors, but now though all the charm and glamour of Lincoln is gone.

The Falcon-Tesla Model X

The only EV on this list is very unsurprisingly, the Model X. Described by many as practical, the falcon doors became another attraction of the Model X. Those rear doors can open without hitting anything. A tidy way of getting into your car.

The Sliders-BMW Z1

You might be very used to sliding the windows of your house. But what if you could slide the doors of your car. BMW gave the owners of the Z1 this experience. They could get into the Z1 without bumping anybody's car. "TRICKSY"

The Scissors-Lamborghini Aventador

Talk about cool doors and not talk about Lamborghini. Not only does the Italian outfit bless us with cool concepts, but the Cool meter is further extended to the doors of the Aventador. The doors of the Aventador became a problem for its small brother, the Huracan as it didnt have the scissor doors and became less popular.

The Gull Wing-Mercedes-Benz 300SL (or SLS)

Mercedes don't always go wild when it comes to doors, but when it did it was outrageous. The SL and the SLS have made a place in the heart of many because of these gull wing doors. 'Gut gemacht Mercedes'

The Uncanny-BMW Isetta

Not known for its tiny 236cc, 9bhp engine, the Isetta did have the most uncanny car door in history (probably). There was no space for doors on this car, so the designers had a full workout of their brain and hinged the nose of a car as a door, logical and practical right? The sunroof also provides a handy vertical escaper hatch.

The Butterfly-McLaren F1

Perhaps the most significant car in McLaren's history was also the king of awesomeness in the 90s. The butterly doors gave this record breaking car a pinch of exclusivity.

The Dihedral what?-All Koenigseggs

The car company that has the most difficult name to pronounce and write has also given its doors a more difficult name. The outward rotating doors of Koenigseggs are called dihedral synchro-helix actuation doors. These cool doors quickly became the centre of attrction for the beautiful Koenigseggs.

The Standard-Ferrari Testarossa

80s engineering at its epitome gave birth to the Ferrari Testarossa and its standard looking long doors. Those doors apart from providing cooling also melted hearts of keen Ferrari lovers for whom every inch in a Ferrari is a piece of art. the Testarossa is the ultimate 80s nostalgia.