10 Stunning cars that featured pop-up headlights

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Since the first cars were produced, car design has been continually evolving and it has changed drastically over the last century. Many features that made older cars aesthetically pleasing to look at have been lost along the way, thanks to manufacturing costs, red tape and modern safety regulations.

One such feature is pop-up headlights. There's nothing cooler than firing up an old car and flicking up the pop-ups before setting off on your journey.

Here are 10 cars that feature pop-up headlights that make me wish they were still available on new cars.

10. Mazda RX-7

The first gen RX-7 was launched in 1978 and instantly stood out its thanks to its light chassis & compact rotary engine installed behind the front axle, which helped balance the front to rear weight distribution, and provide awesome handling.

9. Toyota Supra MK3 (a70)

When Supra comes up for discussion, it's often the MK4 that gets a mention. However, the MK3 shouldn't be slept on. The JDM version with the indestructible 2.5-litre 1JZ twin-turbo engine and pop-up headlights makes for the perfect combination.

8. Lotus Elan

First produced in 1962, the cute Elan embodied the Colin Chapman philosophy of a light-weight car combined with superb handling. How could you not like that face?

7. Porsche 928

First launched in 1977, the 928 was a controversial car as it went against everything Porsche fans grew to love about the brand. It was a front engined GT car with a huge V8. The design was very different, as were its lovely pop-up headlights.

6. Ferrari Daytona

Launched in 1968 the Daytona was built to replace the 275GT. It featured the 275's Colombo V12 which was bored out to 4.4-litres and connected to a 5-speed gearbox. The quad pop-up headlights added an interesting dimension to this beautiful design.

5. BMW M1

Originally, the M1 was to be built by BMW and Lamborghini, however disagreements led to BMW going at it alone. It was the first mid-engined BMW to be produced and only 457 were made. The Giugiaro design and pop-up headlights still look great today.

4. Honda NSX

The NXS oozes cool and when it was released it had supercar creators quaking in their boots thanks to its performance and price. Powered by a mid-engined 3.0-litre V6, the 2-seater sports car was designed with input from F1 legend Ayrton Senna.

3. Toyota 2000GT

The 2000GT is one of the most beautiful cars ever built and it helped change the world's perceptions on Japanese cars at the time. The Bond connection paired with the fact it has pop-ups make this one super cool car.

2. Lamborghini Countach

The Countach is a proper poster car and perhaps one of the most outrageous designs ever produced by Lamborghini. Its iconic wedge shape inspired many other supercar designs that came after and its giant pop-ups add to its uber-cool reputation.

1. Ferrari Testarossa

The Pininfarina-designed Testarossa was originally produced from 1984 to 1991. The supercar is powered by a mid-mounted 4.9-litre flat-12 engine. The low sleek design of the car is complimented by smart lines and of course, pop-ups.



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