10 worst crash tests of all time

Did they even try to make these safe?

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After the recent news of the Jeep Wrangler scoring 1 star in the crash test rating and the Fiat Panda scoring an impressive 0 stars, I had a look through some of the worst crash tests in history by today's standard, they'd be well into the negative scores.

These cars make the Fiat Panda look like an actual tank. Here are the 10 worst crash test videos:

1) 1990 Ford Sierra


Oh my days. Just wait until the 9km test.

2) Alfa Romeo 156


This one was painful to watch. Alfas should never be crash tested.

3) Pontiac Trans Sport


I'd prefer to crash in a crisp packet.

4) 1997 Citroën Saxo


The ultimate boy racer's car in the late '90s makes this potentially the most dangerous car in history.

5) Fiat Seicento


More crumble than my mum's Apple Crumble and custard.

6) 1997 Mercedes C-Class


Yes, don't scratch your eyes. That is a Mercedes.

7) Rover 100


This crash test is infamous. You'd be safer if you wore a thick jumper instead of be in a Rover 100.

8) VW Santana


Here's where things get a bit ridiculous. The driver would have ended up in the boot!

9) VW T3


I mean… there is literally nothing left of the cabin. That is just ridiculous.

10) Holden Commodore


This is by far the worst. It is actually impressive how badly the Commodore does. You have more chance of surviving if you just leapt away from the car.

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Comments (65)

  • The Holden Commodore test was conducted to test the limits of a new crash test facility, rather than the car itself. The car was loaded with around 400kg of extra ballast (sand) in the footwells and was travelling at around 100km/h when it hit the solid concrete wall. Also some critical components were removed to make sure the car crumpled as badly as it did most importantly the tail shaft and a slab of concrete was put into the boot, just to be sure.

      1 year ago
  • I used to deliver new Ford Sierras 😱 I’ve owned a B2 Passat estate,2000 Merc 220cdi and several VW T25/3’s. I didn’t have an issue with them, I didn’t crash!

      1 year ago
  • You will find that is not a Holden Commodore, it is a Eastern European Car that looks similar to the Commodore, get your facts right next time.

      1 year ago
    • Except a Commodore being the same size as 9 average Eastern European cars which mostly can’t develop 100km/h...

        1 year ago
  • Ok where is the P45?

      1 year ago
  • 00 c-class wow felt really solid tbh

      1 year ago


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