10 years old boy travels 250 miles

He claimed that he was 20

37w ago


Recently,a ten old boy was caught leaving a jaguar in the service area......alone. The police arrived and questioned him. He admitted that he left home because of his strict father.He used to live with his grandparents,the day before,he was scolded and beaten by his dad because of his academic result.On the other day,he stole his father's jaguar and attempted to drive back to his grandparents' home.His father panicked when he found out his son was not in the bedroom or at school.When he was worrying about where his son had gone,he figured out that his jaguar was missing.He thought his son was being kidnapped that he soon report it to the police.After that,he discovered a shocking truth when he rewound his security camera in his outside his home—his son drove his car out of the car park.During the boy's journey,he went on the highway,went through the highway ETC,scratched another car and finally ended up in a service area.No major accidents in 250 miles(5 hours),what a miracle


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  • He still drives better than many people around me on the road, hope he has luck someday

      8 months ago
    • I think if I do that ,I will probably end up getting t-boned by other cars because of not using indicators 😅 shifting gears are easier...

        8 months ago