10 Years TexFest

As cliché as it sounds, time does fly. And over the years we mature, get married, others leave in one way or another. But one thing is certain – in the Hill Country of Texas it will be a blast, if you bring your BMW. This year, we celebrated 10 years of TexFest: Lone Star Burgers and Fives.

All our T-shirt designs for the last 10 years, on display

The agenda was as usual – cars, friends, laughter, driving and good times. This year we even added an extra day just, so we can enjoy those roads, even more. Simply called, it was a Reunion.

A Reunion in one of our favorite areas of Texas, more commonly known as the Three Twisted Sisters. This is the loving name for 3 roads that intersect to create a unique driving experience, intertwined with beautiful hill country scenery.

Northwest of San-Antonio, the little town of Leakey.

The event span from Thursday to Sunday. And just like a miracle the weather cleared for our entire stay. The roads were literally closed due to river flooding, just a day prior.

Doesn't look much like Texas, does it

I had couple of friends fly out of state a day earlier. One of them was my good friend and owner of Blunttech Industries, and his son. The other two were my wrench/home-mechanic partners. No better crowd to be entrusted with my two classic BMWs, while I was in the family mobile.

This also qualified them to be the independent and “extinquished” judges of our first ever Concourse D ’Elegance. The rules were simple – all participants were asked to join the showcase voluntarily, by providing a detailed build sheet of their cars. The judges then proceeded with careful thought, and years of experience to grade the vehicles at hand. It took them nearly two days, to finish. And not because it was of such detail, but primarily due to distractions. The competition was fierce, as there was a lot at stake.

The Trophies - inspired by F1, and made out of gold S38 timing chain, non-coated for 2nd place, and last one out of rope.

Some had to prepare their cars even more rigorously for the judgement day. Others sat around.

The Reunion part of this years’ festivities, also involved visiting familiar places along the way – mainly restaurants. That is the second most popular thing we do at TexFest – eat and drink!

We managed to sneak in a birthday party, amongst the festivities. Accidentally, the birthday boy took home the first place trophy, as well.

Happy Birthday, Sean!

In preparations for the event, unaware of his stripes cup, birthday surprise and 1st place win.

Someone was taking home, a kids book.

Second place went to an E24.

Points were deducted, for the mile high rear stance.

Third place, and no surprise to a special car, and owner.

It is not all about the looks! But the heart

And we also had to give a people's choice award.

But the real winners, were all of us.

Overall, it was a year and a decade, to remember! Shortly after the conclusion of our weekend, I was asked If I would take over the leadership, organization and future endevours of our TexFest group. As you could image, I took on this great responsibility!

We will see you in 2019, for number 11.

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