100 Coffee Paintings for 100 years of bavarian heritage

- Coffee paintings might not be a common way of expressing your artistic side but painter Adrian Mitu doesn't really care about conforming to some wicked norms. The man loves his coffee and decided to combine it with his love for drawing.
- BMW Romania heard about his paintings and wanted to celebrate BMW's 100th anniversary in a rather special way. Therefore, the two came together and came up with this experiment, drawing 100 paintings from BMW's history in 30 days.
- The paintings are done following BMW's expansion and growth, from the pre-war era to modern day. They focus mostly on the Motorsport achievements as they have shaped the BMW of today, as we know the brand.
- And while Adrian is working hard to bring to life certain stages from BMW's past, he's doing it surrounded by special BMW cars inside one of the biggest malls in Europe.
- His creations really are breathtaking but photos just don't do them justice. In order to really appreciate them you definitely need to see them in person. Here are three of them showcasing the first ever sporty BMW, the 328.
- Work in progress.
- Adrian Mitu at work.
- The artist and his workplace, among BMWs.
- This painting holds a great value for most BMW enthusiasts. It's one of the few pics we have of Paul Rorsche, BMW's iconic engineer. What's even more tragic is that it was painted on the day he passed away.
- From Formula 2 cars to Paul Rorsche once again, doing what he loved, designing BMW engines.
- Adrian will be painting until December 7, for anyone wanting to visit him. He's more than willing to answer your questions. In the meantime, his trip through the ages continues.
- From the pre-war era, to post WW II, the 3.0 CSL and the M1 and down to the E30 M3 and modern DTM cars, everything will be covered.
- Just like this E21 3 Series...

BMW Romania in collaboration with painter Adrian Mitu kicked off a collaboration that would end up having the artist put together 100 coffee paintings

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