100 seconds of Pure Focus

31w ago
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The world has had enough of the Escort and Ford thinks we need a change (although we didn't). The year is 1998 when Ford pulls the plug on the Escort and launches a FWD hatchback which was a little bit odd looking but funky and chunky. The 1st gen Focus had to face 12 safety recalls since the roof pillars bent during a front end collision and another 7 defect recalls as the engine cylinder was known to fail. In order to improve the corroded reputation of the Focus, Ford decided to make space for 212 Horses under the hood of the Focus by strapping a spinny boi (Turbocharger) to the 2L 4-banger and call it the Focus RS. This Front Wheel Drive Turbocharged Hatch matched the rally competition so exuberantly that it won 2 manufacturers championship over 10 years. The 2nd gen Focus (the one in the video) came with an Inline-5 whereas the 3rd gen Focus reunited with the 4 cylinder engine. Summing it up all together the Focus RS is one of the hottest hatches which always matches the desired Affordability, Speed & Power!

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