100 Tribecoin competition #2: we have a winner!

Well done Lukas Shepherd!

4w ago


Over the last four days, you have been coming up with ideas for the best two car love child and it hasn't been easy.

I have had some great entries over that time but I felt this one worked the best. I do apologise for my incredibly rough photoshop skills but this is what I thought was the best entry.

Well done to Lukas Shepherd for his comment: McLaren 675LT and E63s AMG wagon. I feel as though this works the best and it could look incredibly impressive if done properly, and not photoshopped by an imbecile.

Lukas, your sweet, sweet coinzz will be deposited in your wallet very shortly by the DriveTribe team. Spend it wisely!

Would you want to see a 675LT x E63s Wagon combo?

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