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    [ENDED] 1​00 TribeCoin Competition: What would be your ideal Grand Tour Special?

    F​ancy winning some TribeCoin? Here is your chance!

    5w ago


    T​onight - You enter a competition, I give away some TribeCoin, and the community makes some great ideas...

    O​kay, okay I know that was a Top Gear thing, but I wanted a Clarkson, Hammond and May reference to start off this competition. Why? Because the All Polls team are working on an exciting project, and we thought it would be a great idea to get you involved!

    I​ am going to be giving away 100 TribeCoin to one lucky DriveTribe user that comments the most creative idea for a Grand Tour special. Here is exactly what you need to do:

    T​he Instructions

    T​o enter the competition, you must do the following:

    1​. Sign into DriveTribe if you haven't already.

    2​. Go to the comments section of this post.

    3​. Write a comment explaining exactly what kind of special you would like to see happen on The Grand Tour - the more detail you go into, the better your chances are! Be sure to include the country/countries, the cars/vehicles involved, the storyline (what kind of challenges will there be?) and as much as you can think of.

    4​. Like your own comment (click the little 'heart' icon) as well as any other ideas that you particularly like. The more likes your comment gets, the better the idea is likely to be!

    F​inal Thoughts

    W​hy are we holding this competition? That's a great question. The All Polls team is working on a potential idea relating to the Grand Tour, and what better way to brainstorm than have the entire community involved? If the project continues, you may well see part of your story in some DriveTribe pieces!

    S​o, what are you waiting for? Get commenting!

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    Comments (76)

    • Well, cheap car challenges are the best in my opinion. They would have to purchase any car they like as long as it's under $7,500 (5723 pounds). They will not know what the challenge is. It will actually be competing in a large road-rally for the most part with side challenges such as drag racing, car shows, modification battles, stig lap times, and other typical TG/TGT challenges. Points will be awarded or lost based on how quickly they get to each checkpoint and how well they do in the challenges. As usual, points will be lost every time the bonnet is up. At the end, each must sell his car, and the points will be awarded or lost based on the amount they get in relation to the money spent.

        1 month ago
    • Junkyard challenge, where they will have to build a car from ground up for under $1000. Then we'll see how long those car can last with no more than 10 times rebuild them, the one that's travel the farest win

        1 month ago
    • Drive three Zastavas through Serbia

        1 month ago
    • They modify vehicles (under £2000?) for each other but they don't know what they'll be doing or where they'll be. Location/tasks would be voted for by DriveTribe via polls - they would be banned from seeing/accessing them etc. to keep it a surprise.

        1 month ago
      • Oooh I like the idea of including the fans! I love that idea :D

          1 month ago
    • In an ideal Grand Tour special the three presenters should drive three unmodified classic American cars from the 50s from Washington state south east all across the USA to Florida. While doing that they obviously should receive various challenges having to do with their cars. Those would include the fastest lap around a NASCAR track (maybe a roadcurse), some sort of practicality test (which they'll unlikely pass) and maybe a drag race between the three (I think Mr Wilman can think of better challenges than me). The important bit is though that unlike in the currently filmed episode the cars shouldn't be modified, they should be left in stock condition with which I especially mean that they should keep their original wheels.

        1 month ago


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